5 mistakes in managing family finances

Not everyone has the ability to manage your finances well.
Of most cases of financial failure are managed by people who are single or live alone it can be managed their finances well after marriage.
Failure to manage finances occur because of errors in the financial control itself.
Here are some mistakes in managing family finances:
1. There is no long-term plan
Long-term plans should you make in order to minimize on things that do not want in your financial problems. This long-term plan should make your own / with your partner. And discuss with your partner what the objectives and priorities.
2. Creating a household budget
So that financial conditions in your family can be well ordered, you must create a household budget. Often this is ignored and consequently the financial problems ensued. One of the budget that should be made is the child’s education budget.
3. Spending Uncontrolled
Uncontrolled spending is often the case in the absence of a budget is prepared. If you have a monthly budget, then uncontrolled spending can be avoided. What you should realize is that uncontrolled spending can worsen your financial problems.
4. haste in investing
Errors that question in this case is that you invest without considering your needs and financial capabilities.
5. Errors in choosing insurance.
Insurance is a form of long-term investment. Currently, many insurance providers that offer services of various insurance programs. However be careful in choosing asuransi.Sesuaikan financial situation and needs.
And that is some error in managing your finances.

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